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Ida Koppen

specialized in mediation, negotiation, facilitation and consensusbuilding

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Our company was established in Siena, Tuscany in 1994 and moved to Geneva in 2006. Our clients include private companies and public administrations, international organizations, NGOs, churches, families and couples.


As a mediator, Ida Koppen is sworn in by the State of Geneva and accredited by the Swiss Federation of Mediation Associations. She was co-founder/co-president of the Geneva Federation MédiationS, president of the Association Avenir Famille and member of the Committee of the Swiss Association for Family Mediation.


She specialized in mediation and negotiation as a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard Law School's Program on Negotiation and the Public Disputes Program at MIT and Harvard. After completing training in family mediation in Switzerland in 2009, she began her practice in this field in Geneva, where she also works at the OPCCF.

Ida Koppen was a researcher at the European University Institute in Florence and executive coordinator of the Robert Schuman Research Center. She has a bachelor's degree in environmental science from the University of Oregon and a law degree from the University of Amsterdam. She has taught at various universities in Europe, among others the universities of Amsterdam, Tilburg, Siena, Barcelona, Geneva, Geneva Graduate Institute. A list of publications and presentations is availablehere.

Affiliation as a member

  • Member of the Global Network of Practitioners of the Consensusbuilding Institute Cambridge, Massachusetts.


  • MGA-Network, The Netherlands.


  • Network of Mediators for International Child Abduction Cases
    of the Federal Office of Justice.

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