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We have supported large and small collaborative decision-making processes and multi stakeholder dialogues.


The method we apply is based on the notion of consensus building. The facilitator works with the person(s) responsible for the project, which can take place within a private company or within the public administration. As a "process manager", the facilitator brings the tools and skills to structure the dialogue between people with divergent interests.


In our role as facilitator, we seek to activate the creative resources of individuals and the strengths of organizations.


We have accompanied public processes such as local and regional Agenda 21, UN multi-stakeholder dialogues as well as processes for private organizations such as companies, businesses, churches and trade unions.

Clients say

« Encore mille mercis pour votre soutien
et votre incroyable suivi ces 5 années !
Toute notre gratitude et nos salutations chaleureuses »

2022, 10 séances en 5 ans avec une interruption de 4 ans |

Divorce avec accord complet, couple franco-suisse, avec plusieurs biens immobiliers en France

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