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Open Space Office

Mediation in
the workplace

Mediation in the workplace is an important tool for preventing and managing stress and conflict in professional settings. By integrating preventive mediation into their practices, companies and organisations promote a culture of dialogue and transparency in interpersonal relationships both horizontally among employees and vertically in the institutional hierarchy.

Our services can be used to:

  • raise awareness about preventive mediation within the organisation

  • create a secure and confidential space todiscuss conflicts within the organisation

  • create a constructive dialogue between the actors concerned in the search for long-term solutions.

Clients say

« Encore mille mercis pour votre soutien
et votre incroyable suivi ces 5 années !
Toute notre gratitude et nos salutations chaleureuses »

2022, 10 séances en 5 ans avec une interruption de 4 ans |

Divorce avec accord complet, couple franco-suisse, avec plusieurs biens immobiliers en France

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