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Our mediation service accompanies married and unmarried couples throughout the entire process of an amicable separation or divorce. We are there to guide you from the beginning to the end of this difficult life transition. Our goal is to facilitate a constructive dynamic that will allow everyone involved to regain confidence, motivation and enthusiasm.

If parties maintain a dialogue, they can continue to make all the decisions concerning the family together. We have the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to inform you on all aspects of separation and divorce. The well-being of your children will be a crucial element in the process.

An analysis of your financial situation will be the basis of your decisions regarding financial aspects. We will use excel files to calculate the budgets, the liquidation of your matrimonial regime if there is joint property and the division of pension rights if applicable.

Prepare your file
for court

Once the parties have reached an agreement in mediation, we draft the formal settlement that can be submitted for ratification by the court. In Switzerland the jurisdiction of the courts is determined by the legal domicile of one of the parties and of the children.

The legal procedure is different for married and unmarried couples.  If you are domiciled abroad, we will contact a competent professional in the relevant country.

In Switzerland, parties can go directly to court without representation by a lawyer; the files can be prepared by the mediator and the parties themselves. We collaborate with other professionals if specialist advice is needed.

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