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Because mediation offers you a setting where you can:

  • express yourself calmly without being judged or attacked 

  • listen quietly to others, without jumping to conclusions

  • find long-term solutions to your problems and regain self-confidence


If you feel that every time you discuss your problems with family, colleagues or team members, the situation only gets worse and if you:

  • are convinced that respect and tolerance are fundamental values of human relations 

  • recognize that you need support to better manage transitions 

  • would like to avoid the financial and psychological costs of a legal battle.

Consider mediation !


Mediation sessions normally last 1h30. According to Swiss law and the ethical rules of the FSM, mediators “shall exercise their functions with complete independence, neutrality and impartiality”.


Mediation is a voluntary process to which each participant must commit.


The mediator can meet participants jointly or individually depending on the intensity of the conflict and the state of the negotiation. Shuttle mediation is put in place when parties do not wish to meet.

We practice co-mediation and work closely with a network of other professionals (therapists, attorneys, notaries).

Because, in mediation,
you make the decisions !

Working languages

French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.



Our rates are adapted to the income of the clients and discussed when fixing the first meeting.

Mediation is supported by the assistance juridique of the Canton of Geneva. The Adult and Child Protection Court (TPAE) and the Parental Separation Assessment and Support Service (SEASP) can also pay part of the costs.


Some legal insurance covers part of the mediation costs.

Distanced Couple_edited.jpg

And even if your disputes
seem irresolvable,
we will find a way
of the frame theme
and develop an effective transition plan.

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