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Family mediation

Mediation is most often used to discuss and resolve family issues such as:

  • separation and divorce

  • (shared) custody, parental authority, visiting rights, alimony

  • (international) execution of visiting rights

  • changes in circumstances after divorce

  • parent-adolescent conflicts and other inter-generational conflicts

  • conflicts between siblings or other members of a family

  • succession and inheritance

  • conflicts related to the management of a family business.

Our approach is interdisciplinary


Profound emotional distress sometimes hampers the mediation process. In specific situations we suggest to include a psychotherapist in the mediation process. This approach has proven to be extremely useful. We work with Soledad Mariné, psychologist and couple and family therapist in co-mediation-therapy.

Session thérapeutique

Clients say

« Encore mille mercis pour votre soutien
et votre incroyable suivi ces 5 années !
Toute notre gratitude et nos salutations chaleureuses »

2022, 10 séances en 5 ans avec une interruption de 4 ans |

Divorce avec accord complet, couple franco-suisse, avec plusieurs biens immobiliers en France

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