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Tamara Pacot

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Bonjour !

Tamara Pacot is a trained lawyer, mediator and certified communication trainer.


She is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva and passed the bar exam. She taught law  at the College and at the Ecole de Commerce in Geneva. She lived in Vancouver for seven months to perfect her English.


Following a DAS in business law from the University of Geneva, she specialized in tax law and worked with Ernst & Young SA and then ten years for the Geneva cantonal tax administration. In this context, she also gave an introductory course in taxation at IFAGE for several years.


Passionate about human relations, communication and conflict management, Tamara has, in parallel with her professional activity, trained in mediation and obtained her CAS in Mediation from the University of Geneva in 2023. She completed her mediation internship with Ida Koppen. During the same year, she obtained her title of certified trainer in interpersonal communication and also trained to become a Trusted Person in business.

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